Tavola Calda Nyala  -   Via Eschilio  76,  Roma (Axa) Italy.

pizza.gif (1999 bytes)We have been fortunate in our ability to travel to Italy on a regular basis.  While all the foods of it Italy have wonderful aspects, pizza is probably one of our most favorite comfort foods.

Tavola Calda Nyala certainly qualifies as a Tavola Calda in that it serves much more than pizza, but it is for the pizza that we, and most of the guests,  return.   Tavola Calda Nyala is in Axa, a suburb of Rome.  It can be reached by traveling west on the Christoforo Columbo highway from Rome toward Fiumicino Airport. It is next door to the Aris Gardens Hotel. 

It is very difficult to choose a "best" meal. The simplest is  to start with antipasto of roasted vegetables.  The antipasti are laid out on a on a stainless steel serving cart.  Diners choose whether or not to have the waiter select the antipasti, or go to the cart and make up their own dish.  We choose roasted vegetables for our antipasti. They were cooked perfectly , and were dressed with a fine extra virgin olive oil.

The menu, while a single page, offers 21 different pizzas.  These range from the simple Margherita to Margherita Bianca con Bresaola e Rughetta. 

Unfortunately, we were not able to try all of them in the two times that we have eaten at Nyala, but each time the pizzas were  thin, cooked to perfection, and easily digested.

Salads are simple.  We limit ours to Insalata Mista (a mixed salad with or without tomatoes), dressed with olive oil and vinegar.

A variety of wines are available, but when we eat pizza,  we generally choose the house wine.   Consequently, we cannot comment on other wines available at Nyala.  The house wine was adequate.

Service is good.   The wait staff are friendly and  seem to know just when you need them, and when to bring the next course. Tourists and natives are treated equally well.

The cost of the above dinner for two,  including wine, mineral water and tip was approximately $24.00. at an exchange rate of 1700 Lire to the dollar.