Bread Basics

Often we review cooking and baking books and magazines only to find that they are not accurate or precise in the information they present relative to baking --- especially bread baking.  We are concerned that this mis-information causes many new, and some more experienced bakers, a great deal of trouble then they make bread. This is not to say that we at The Artisan are always correct in our presentations, or that we never make breads, and bread products, that are not acceptable.  We do, and we realize that in doing so, we need to discover the causes of the failure, and try to remedy it, or in some cases, them.

The Baking Basics Section of the site offers the most correct and accurate information on Bread Baking that we have either found or discovered in our own ovens.  We have tried to locate relevant information in this section.  Some information does not fit neatly into any category or page on the site, and may be of interest to only a few visitors. We trust that those less interested in some of the technical articles will still find items of interest here.

When not citing sources, or  describing our own research, we will simply be giving our opinion.  You may agree or disagree.  If so, take a few minutes to let us know your opinion. E-mail us at The Artisan

Restaurant Reviews are no longer offered in this section, but may be found in the Contributions Section.  As we dine out around the Country and in Europe, we will add more reviews to this section.  These shall not be a weekly event, but will be added as we have the opportunity to eat at various restaurants here and in Italy.  

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