Bread baking as an artisan activity is an important part of many people's lives. Whether one bakes at home or professionally is irrelevant. Many fine bakers bake at home, never open a business, and yet contribute to the artisan movement.

Bread bakers who bake professionally can be artisans as long as the pursuit of the profits does not reduce "artisan" to a part of the label. Ancient_Madia.gif (9812 bytes) From time to time, we will offer commentary relative to artisan baking efforts and the bastardization thereof. Our symbol is the Madia, seen on the far left of the photo. The Madia is an integral part of our artisan roots, and used to make and store a wide variety of European breads. We still use one at home today.  A discussion of more modern baking equipment can be found by clicking on the picture of the ancient Madia.

We have been exploring breads for almost 28 years. During that time Marsha, the co-owner of this site, has become expert in artisan baking in general and in the baking of Italian breads, pizzas and focacce in particular. This gathering of experience and knowledge has been an exciting, if not often frustrating, quest.   Click on any link in the frame to the left to access recipes and discussion of breads, pizze and focacce.

If you are interested in exploring the recipes of a third generation Italian baker now living in California, click Claudio to go to Claudio's corner.  A series  of articles by master baker Thom Leonard have been uploaded with both Thom's and the Bread Bakers Guild of America.  All of Thom's articles may be found in the  "Bread Basics"  section of The Artisan.

Among the contributions that The Artisan has made to bread baking,  we are especially proud of The Flour Treatise and The Yeast Treatise. These lengthy pieces are detailed, technical and provide information which every baker may wish to explore.  These articles can be found in the Bread Basics Section.  Another piece which may be of interest to bread bakers is The Flour Test to The Artisan.  This piece details the results of baking a test bread with 11 different American flours obtained in various states.  Click Flour Test to go there.  

bbga_Gif.gif (2929 bytes)We are members of The Bread Bakers Guild of America.  The Guild offers technical support, technical articles, announcements of baking related events, want ads and numerous other services to the baking community.  For those bakers who wish to learn more about the The Guild, their site can be reached by clicking on the logo at the right.

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