Salmone Affogato e Sugo di Senape

(Poached Salmon Served With a  Mustard Sauce)


1 Lb. Salmon Fillet
1 Med. Onion - white
1/4 Tsp. Tarragon leaves - dry
3 Tbl. Mayonnaise
3 Tbl. Mustard - Poupon
1 Tbl. Olive Oil - Extra Virgin
2 Tsp. Capers in vinegar
1 Tbl. Lemon juice
1 Sm. Tomato - chopped fine
1/2 Med. Avocado - chopped
4   Lemon slices - thin
4   Parsley sprigs


Cut the Salmon into two equal pieces.  Peel and slice the onion and lay half of  it on the bottom of a 91/2 x 12 inch glass casserole pan.   Pour 1 cup of water into the pan and then sprinkle half of the tarragon into the water.  Place the Salmon on top of the onion slices.  Put the remaining onion on the fish and sprinkle the rest of the tarragon over the Salmon.  Cover the casserole with plastic wrap.  Place it in a microwave oven and cook on high for 5 minutes.   At the end of this time, remove the fish from the casserole and let it cool in the refrigerator.   Reserve the onions slices


Whisk the mayonnaise, mustard, olive oil and lemon juice until it is a smooth sauce.  Add three tablespoons of water to the sauce and mix again. The sauce should be the consistency of lightly whipped heavy cream.   Fold in the capers, tomato and avocado.  Add Salt and pepper to taste.  Allow to sit in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.


Spoon 3 tablespoons of the sauce onto a plate, and make a circle on the plate onto which the Salmon will be placed.  Place the Salmon on the sauce, then the reserved onion slices on the fish.   Spoon 3-4 tablespoons on the sauce over this.  Garnish each plate with 3 thin slices of lemon and 2 Parsley sprigs.

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