Salmone al Forno

(Oven Baked Salmon)


1 Whole Salmon -  weighing about 2.5 pounds cleaned
1/2 Med. Onion - white
1 Sm. Lemon
1 Tbl. Dill - dry or fresh
4 Sprigs Rosemary - Fresh & about 6-8 inches long
Q.B.    Olive oil


Lay the whole fish on a length of aluminum foil large enough to wrap the entire fish prior to putting it into the oven.  Drizzle the foil with olive oil, then 1/2 the dill, then salt and pepper to taste.  Lay the fish on the oil-dill, salt-pepper mixture.

Squeeze the juice from one lemon into the cavity of the salmon.  Salt and pepper the cavity to taste, then stuff the cavity with the onion cut in half,  and the lemon halves just used.  Alternate them, e.g. lemon, onion, lemon, onion. (onion, lemon,onion,lemon is OK too!)

Sprinkle olive oil on the fish, the dill, then salt and pepper. 

Wrap the entire fish in the foil.  Use a second sheet if necessary to make an airtight container.  Place the fish on a large baking sheet or in a large oven proof pan and bake at 375 for 40-45 minutes.  The exact length of time depends upon the size of the fish, and the temperature of the fish when it went in to the oven.  There is little chance of the fish drying out during baking because of the airtight nature of the aluminum foil packet.   At The Artisan kitchen, we have cooked a 2.5 pound salmon in this manner for 60 minutes and it was moist and very,very good.  In fact, as we went about tasting it for doneness, almost a third of the fish was consumed!  At any rate, the exact cooking time depends upon hoe well done the cook likes his/her salmon.

After removing the fish from the bones, douse with lemon juice and olive oil.  Serve warm  with a Ciabatta and a good olive oil.  Any leftover salmon can be used in a pasta sauce or eaten cold in a salad the next day or so.

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