Pollo rusponte ripieno con Peperoni Chili

(Rock Cornish Game Hens Stuffed with Chili peppers )


12-15 Med. New Mexican Chilies or Italian frying peppers
2 Med. Rock Cornish Game Hens
Cloves  Garlic, peeled and sliced very thinly
1/2 Cup Olive Oil - extra virgin
Q.B.      Salt & Pepper

Preparation of the Peppers

Note that we specify New Mexican  chili.   Any good chili or green Italian frying pepper can be used for this dish, and it will be good....but not as good as when made with the chili from New Mexico.  We obtained the ones used in this dish while shopping in  Gallup, New Mexico. In our opinion,  the only ones better are the chili from Hatch, New Mexico.

We have found that a deep pan rather than a fry pan is best for this operation.  Place  the peppers in the pan, and turn the heat to medium high.  Depending upon the size of the pan, you may have to cook the peppers in 2 or 3 batches. Basically the peppers are pan roasted with no oil or seasonings.  Cook them until they are soft, and the skin blackens on much of the peppers.  It will be necessary to turn the peppers 6-7 times in order to cook all sides equally.  Long tongs are best for this task.  As the peppers cook, remove them from the pan, place them in a stainless steel bowl and cover with a cloth towel. The resultant steam will loosen the skins and allow the peppers to be peeled easily. Peel the peppers, removing most of the seeds. Slice into long strips, mix with 1/4 cup of the olive oil and the garlic.  Set aside.

Preparation of the Dish

Preheat the oven to 350 F. 

Rinse the hens in cold water, and pat dry.  Salt the insides of each bird, then stuff each with as many peppers and garlic as will fit into the cavity.  Rub olive oil over each bird and then salt the outside surfaces. Tie the legs and the wings to the carcass with kitchen string.  Place breast down in a baking dish large enough to hold both hens, and any left over peppers.  Be sure to place 3-4 peppers on top of each hen so that they will crisp when the birds are baked. Bake for 1 hour, or until the juices of each bird run clear when pierced with a fork.

Serve immediately.  Garnish each hen with the peppers in the baking dish along with any juices therefrom.

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