Pat Dee's Pasta Dough

While looking for a recipe, my wife happened upon the User Manual for our pasta machine. On it was written my father's recipe for pasta dough. He had written it there a number of years ago on one of his and Mom's visits to our home.

Dad loved to be called Pat Dee... and would have loved the idea that his recipe was now available for many people to see and use. He never heard about the internet, but we think that he would have loved it. In addition to being a good father and teacher, he was a great cook.

His recipe is very simple. If you can't read the photo at left, it is given below. Try it. Dad's recipes were always very simple, we think that's what made them so good. Here it is:

2 cups flour, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon oil, pinch salt, cold water. Put flour in a bowl, add oil, salt and eggs.

Mix with heel of hands, add cold water as needed, about 1 cup.

The only oil he used was olive oil. If you have trouble, drop a line via e-mail and we will assist you. Click the e-mail splash to send a message.


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