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There are great Italian food restaurants in United States,  but these are scattered among many terrible ones.  Too often food sold as Italian food in restaurants across the United States is not very good.   There are a number of ways to combat this. They include not frequenting less than excellent restaurants, and cooking at home.  Cooking at home is usually less expensive than eating out, and represents a viable and challenging alternative. 

Among the many benefits of cooking at home, i.e. health, taste, conversations with loved ones, friends and acquaintances, etc.,  we suggest that the the money saved  be used to visit Italy,  and eat well there.  We can testify that there are excellent restaurants throughout Italy.  Probably too many to try in a lifetime.

In the meantime, we have gathered recipes from our own kitchens that have either been modeled after foods eaten in Italy, or on recipes sent to us by colleagues and friends there.  When the latter is the case, a citation naming the contributor is provided.  Our goal in these recipes is authenticity of ingredients, authenticity in taste and in execution.  We have not included recipes which can be found in the many excellent Italian cookbooks on the market.  There is no need to repeat these recipes here.  Visitors who may want or need a specific classical or published recipe that they cannot find, may contact us and we will research our library of cooking and baking books on your behalf.

A goal of THE ARTISAN is to help visitors  cook great Italian meals, and to do it with a minimum of fuss.  We provide recipes for a variety of dishes and ask only that you occasionally  let us know if you enjoyed them or not.  All comments, positive and negative are welcome.  Remember, you can reach us by e-mail!

We have maintained The Artisan for almost 11 years now, and have made many friends, as well as a few enemies.  We enjoy the friends, and hope that those few who do not think well of the site, will visit other sites on the Internet that bring them the foods they enjoy.  We have learned quite a bit in the years that we have hosted this site.  One of the most important is that we cannot please everyone all of the time. 

We have started to add Wine pairing suggestions to new dishes as we add them. We ill continue to do this, and hope to eventually add wine suggestions to all food recipes, both old and new. If you have a favorite wine, let us know!

Thank you for the time you have taken to visit our site.

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