Crostini di Olive e Semi di Senape

(Olive and Mustard Seed Crostini)


4 Slices Crusty Italian Bread
1 Clove Garlic - whole
1/2  Cup Olive Oil - Extra virgin
1 Cup Black Italian olives - salt cured
1/4 Tsp.  Mustard seeds - black or a mixture of black and yellow
3 Tbl. Parsley - chopped 


Grill the bread on both both sides.  Rub one side with a garlic clove. Sprinkle olive oil over this side, and spread with a brush or your fingers.  Set aside.

Pit the olives.  The easiest way to do this is to lay an olive on a cutting board, and then press downward and forward a bit with your thumbs.  The pit should pop out easily.  Once pitted, place the olives in a food processor.  Add the mustard seeds, the parsley and the olive oil to the processor, and process for 30-45 seconds in pulses.  You may not need all of the olive oil.  The exact amount depends upon the size of the olives. The objective is to obtain a paste that can be spread easily, but is not too loose.

Slather the mixture on the grilled bread.  Place  in a preheated broiler on the top rack for 2-3 minutes.  Serve warm.  

Note: If desired a slice or two of tomato may be placed on top of the olive-mustard seed mixture just prior to placing the crostini into the oven.

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