Crostini di Gamberetti

(Shrimp Crostini)


6 Slices Bread - Italian crusty loaf
4 Tbl. Olive oil - Extra virgin
1 Lb. Shrimp - small tiger
3 Tbl. Capers - rinsed and dried
1 1/2 Rib Celery - diced
1 1/2 Cup Tomato - diced
1 Cup Radicchio - cut into julienned strips
1 Tsp. Balsamic vinegar
3 Tbl. Mayonnaise
Q.B.   Salt and Pepper


Grill the bread on both both sides.  Rub one side with a garlic clove. Sprinkle olive oil over this side, and spread with a brush or your fingers.  Set aside.

Fry the capers in the capers in the olive oil for a minute or so, then add the shrimp.  Turn the heat to high and sauté on high for 3-4 minutes.  Add salt and pepper to taste and then put the shrimp and capers into a large bowl.

Add the celery, tomato, radicchio balsamic vinegar and mix well. add a little olive oil and mix again.

Slather the mixture on the grilled bread and serve.

Note: If available, Crème Fraiche can be used rather than mayonnaise.  The dish will be more rich and flavorful in that event.

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