Casseruola di Patate, Rapini e Funghi

(Potato, Broccoli Raab and Mushroom Casserole)


3 Lg. Potatoes - new red (previously cooked)
1 Tbl. Pancetta - diced
1 Sm. Onion - white
2 Cloves Garlic - minced
3 Cups Broccoli Raab or Rapini leaves [Note: Young mustard greens will do in a pinch]
1/2 Cup Radicchio - chopped
1 Cup Extra virgin olive oil
6 Lg. Mushrooms - white (About 1 1/2 cups chopped)
1/4 Lb. Cheese - Pecorino Romano or Teleme [Any mild soft cheese if Teleme is not available]
Q.B.   Salt and Pepper


Wash the potatoes, and put them into a large pot to boil until cooked.  This should take about 30-40 mintutes, depending upon the size of the potatoes.

Meanwhile sauté the pancetta, onions and broccoli raab in half the olive oil for about 3-4 minutes.  At the end of this time, add the garlic and  radicchio.  Cook for another 3-4 minutes, stirring often. 

Add the mushrooms, and the rest of the olive oil.  Turn the heat to medium and cook until the mushrooms release their liquid.  Cook for a minute more, then turn off the heat.  Taste for flavor.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Once the potatoes are cooked, cool and peel them.  Slice into rounds a bit thicker that 1/8 inch. 

The casserole is assembled as follows:

Lightly oil the bottom and sides of a 6 inch round casserole.  Place a layer of potatoes on the bottom of the casserole.  Add 2-3 tablespoons of the raab mixture.    Top this layer with 2 slices of the Pecorino Romano cheese.  Add potatoes to form a second layer , then the broccoli raab and then the cheese again.   Assemble the casserole in this manner until you run out of ingredients.  Be sure that the last layer is one of potatoes.  Top the potatoes with a couple of thin slices of the Teleme or other soft cheese.

Bake in a 350° oven for 30 minutes.  Serve warm.

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