Calamari Ripieni di Marco

 Stuffed Squid by Mark


This stuffed squid recipe is a contribution of our youngest brother Mark, who when not constructing beautiful masonry edifices, enjoys developing fine Italian dishes. This is one of them.


12 Squid Cleaned as described below
4 Slices Bread - white and soft
Q.B. Cups Cilantro  
Q.B. Cloves Garlic
Q.B. Tbl. Onions - chopped
Q.B. Tsp. Capers
Q.B. Tsp. Sea Salt & Black pepper
Q.B. Tbl.. Olive oil - extra Virgin
Q.B.     shrimp, lobster etc - see below
1 Can Tomatoes - Plum or 8 fresh Roma tomatoes

Note: Q.B. = Quanto Basta:  which means as much as you need or want.


In true Italian fashion, there are no specific amounts of ingredients listed.  The best way to approach a recipe where amounts are not given is to imagine how it will taste with more or less of a specific ingredient.  It is not important if there is too much stuffing as this can be used directly in the pan where the squid are cooked.  The recipe here is for about 12 squid approximately 4-5 inches long.   

It is very important to obtain fresh squid.  To clean them, remove the skin then turn the tube inside out
and rinse them.  During the cleaning the heads will be removed.  Cut off the eyes and remove the hard round beak - it looks like a small marble or pearl.  Save the tentacles for stuffing.

In a bowl mix soft white bread broken into pieces as small as possible.  To the bread add fresh cilantro, garlic diced extremely small, chopped onions, capers, and the tentacles also diced finely, sea salt, freshly
ground pepper, virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice. You can add any other fish such as shrimp, lobster etc. to the stuffing. As to the amounts, what ever feels good and sounds like it would be tasty.

Stuff the squid bodies leaving room for expansion of the stuffing, close the tube with a tooth pick.

In a large sauce pan cover the bottom of the pan with olive oil, add sliced garlic and brown the garlic slightly, remove the garlic pieces and brown the stuffed squid, turning as needed.  When the squid has browned, add any extra stuffing you may have then add  coarsely chopped tomatoes - either canned or fresh.  If using canned tomatoes, strain to remove most of the juices.  Simmer until  done,  35-40 minutes.  The sauce  may be seasoned by adding turns you on, black olives, garlic, red pepper anchovies etc.

These stuffed squid may be served  as an entrée with sliced crusty Italian bread or can be served over linguine.

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