Radicchio Fritto

(Fried Radicchio)


2 Lg. Eggs
1 1/2 Cups Flour - all purpose
1 Tsp. Baking Powder
1 1/4 Cups Milk
1/4 Cup White Wine
Q.B.    Salt
Q.B.   Pepper - freshly ground
4 Cups Olive oil - Pure for frying
4 Heads Radicchio di Chioggia or Radicchio di Castelfranco

Preparing the Batter

Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them gently, adding the milk a little at a time.  Stir in the salt, the white wine, and a good deal of pepper.  Mix the baking powder into the flour, then add this mixture to the eggs a little at a time, constantly beating with a fork or a whisk.  Let the batter rest for 30-40 minutes before using.

Meanwhile slice the radicchio lengthwise, (from the tip to the core) into 1/2 - 5/8 inch thick slices. The number of slices obtained will depend upon the size of the heads of radicchio.

Add the oil to a deep fryer as directed my the manufacturer.  When the oil is at the proper temperature, dip a radicchio slice in the batter, being sure to coat all sides, then gently lower it into the hot oil.  Fry only as many pieces as will comfortably fit into the fryer. Turn the fried radicchio over once to obtain a uniformly golden color on both sides of the slice.  Remove from the pot, and place on absorbent paper to drain.  Add salt and pepper to taste. 

Continue frying until all of the radicchio is cooked.   Serve as is without sauce. or  with a caper, anchovy, garlic sauce.

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