Insalata di Fave e Ravanelli

(Fava Bean and Radish Salad)


1 Lb. Fava beans - fresh & shelled
1/3 Lb. Radishes - any type
1/4 Lb. Pecorino Pepate or Pecorino cheese
1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil


As noted n the ingredient list, shell the fava beans.  The beans have a skin over the beans which can be removed by either blanching the shelled beans for 1 minute, then slipping the skin off, or by simply slitting the skin with a fingernail and removing it.   Removal of this skin is a personal matter.   Whenever we have eaten fresh Fava beans in Italy, no one bothers to remove the skin.

At any rate, put the shelled beans into a bowl large enough to hold all of the ingredients.  Slice the radishes very thin, and chop these slices in half, and add them to the bowl.  Cube the cheese into 1/2 inch pieces, and add them to the mix.   Add salt and pepper to taste then the olive oil.  Mix well and let marinate for at lease an hour.

Eat this salad with a crusty bread and a dry white wine.

NOTE: A more classic version of this salad can be made by leaving the radishes out and using fresh Pecorino cheese.


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