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(Ditali with Duck )

Yes -- We know that's not a duck. We could not find a duck singing.

NOTE: This is a simple dish. The long cooking time is not indicative of the difficulty level.  Also, if duck is not available, chicken may be substituted. The breasts of the duck are used in the Spaghetti With Duck Breasts recipe.


1 Med. Onion - white: chopped
1 Lg. Carrot: chopped
2 28 oz. Tomatoes - canned plum
6 Cloves Garlic: chopped
1/4 Cup Olive oil - Extra virgin
2   Duck legs
2   Duck thighs
1/4 Tsp. Pepperoncini flakes
2 Cups Chicken stock
1/2 Lb. Pasta - Ditali or other short pasta


Add 1/4 cup olive oil to a large casserole. Add the carrots, celery, and onion and saute them until the onions are translucent. Add 1/2 the garlic to the casserole pan.  Cook over medium heat until the garlic lightly browns. Add and 1 can Italian plum tomatoes. Cook for 20 minutes. Add the hot pepper flakes and the duck legs and thighs. Cover and cook for 30 minutes. Uncover and cook an additional 30 minutes.

Remove the duck from the sauce and let it cool. Save the sauce for another occasion.  It is good, as is, over rigatoni pasta.


Separate the duck meat from the bones and chop the meat coarsely. Put the meat into a heavy sauce pan large enough to hold the remaining ingredients. Add olive oil and stir to coat the meat.  Brown the meat for 5 minutes on high heat, then add the remaining garlic and reduce the heat to medium. Cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Add the second can of tomatoes and the chicken stock.  Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Add additional hot pepper flakes if desired. Reduce the heat to low and cook for 30 minutes. At the end of this time add the ditali, and stir constantly for the first 5 minutes. Cook for an additional 5-10 minutes. Serve immediately.

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