Pollo Cacciatore

(Chicken Cacciatore)

Note:  This is a repeat of the Chicken Cacciatore recipe already posted on The Artisan.  That recipe may be found on The Food Page.  This was one of my Dad's favorite recipes, so I am indulging his memory by posting it twice.


2-3 2 Lb. Chickens - each cut into 8 pieces
1 Lg. Onion - Chopped
3 Cloves Garlic - chopped
1 Lb. Mushrooms - fresh: white or brown
1/4 Cup Olive Oil - Extra virgin
1 8 Oz. Can Tomato Sauce - Imported or home made
3 Tbl. Capers - salted are best.  Soak in water for 45 minutes before using.  (In vinegar  are O.K.)
1/2 Cup Wine - Red and dry
1/2 Cup Olives, black and pitted (Not Canned Olives)
1/2 Tsp Oregano - dry
4 Fresh Basil Leaves
1/8 Tsp. Peperoncino - Optional
Q. B.   Salt and Pepper

Sauté the onion until just wilted then add the garlic, and continue until the onions and garlic are beginning to turn brown.  Add the chicken pieces, browning on all sides.  Add the rest of the ingredients, except the wine and tomato sauce.  After 10 minutes, add the tomato sauce, and wine then cook until the chicken is done. [Editor's note:  Cook until the chicken is completely cooked, about 1 hour, then cook for another hour.  It is even better that way.]

This is an excellent dish served with either rice or spaghetti. 

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